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You have arrived at the home of Tere Michaels and the Writer Garage.

Whether you’re looking for a tune-up or a full engine rebuild – I’m here for you!

Truthfully, I don’t know much about cars. But I do know about working with writers to achieve their best book.

“Your best book” isn’t necessarily JUST about sales. It’s the book (or books) that give you satisfaction as a writer. That you feel proud of. That gives voice to what you’re best at, and the authenticity of your authorial voice. Because much as the most satisfying ending of a book brings readers to our next, when WE write our best book, we feel the energy transferring into the conception and writing of our next project.

Sometimes we have little needs – a push, a pep talk, a new thing to consider. Sometimes we just need to talk it out! Other times, we require a major overhaul, a deep search inside to see what’s holding us back, or a stern deadline.

I haven’t quite found the exact words to christen what I do but we’ve tossed around “Writing Mom” around a bit. In the best connotation, that means I want to support you in reaching your writing goals. I want to make sure you finish that book you’ve been dying to write for years. I want to help you finish that WIP. I want to help you go from “I wish” to “I did!” I want to help you unblock yourself and find motivation. But I’m also not giving you a pass if I think you’re dilly dallying.

Getting to know a writer helps me figure out the best course of action to try. What works with one writer will only send another scurrying off to do the dishes instead of writing. My clients and I refer to it as “Gentle Accountability.” We decide, individually, what they want to accomplish, what they are ABLE to accomplish, the time frame and some ways they might try to make it happen. The goal is always to keep the writer coming back to the page (physically or metaphorically) by not placing impossible pressures onto their heads.

So, for me, “Writing Coach,” “Developmental Editor,” and “Plot Whispering,” all boil down to connecting with a client, finding things to try to get them to reach their goals, and making it personal.

If you’re interested in what I am offering, feel free to wander about the site. Or drop me a line so we can see if my approach will work for you!